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Multi chemistry platform charger

ML334-SerienThe 4-channel ML334 charger is designed for demanding Ground Mobile use. The charger is used by several national Defence Forces in extremely severe military applications during all type of weather conditions. Due to the wide AC supply range the charger can be used worldwide. The charger can easily be used in vehicles by using a vehicle tray from Natek. The charger is very easy to operate; it has no switches nor are other adjustments necessary for the charging process. The charging process is fully automatic. Connected batteries are charged independently of each other. The battery adapter fitted on top of the charger contains data about battery chemistry, charging voltage, charging current, timer etc. The charger adjusts the charging parameters to fit exactly the battery types the battery adapter is designed for. By replacing the battery adapter, other types of batteries can be charged. The adapter can be configured for connecting the charging outputs in parallel, making it possible to charge batteries with increased charge current.

Battery charger ML334-Series


ML334, ML334-24, ML334-4A, ML334-4A-24

  • Multi battery chemistry Li-ion, Li-poly, NiCd, NiMH

  • Extremely rugged and compact design to withstand severe military conditions.

  • AC & DC supply

  • 4 charging outputs (can be used in parallel)

  • SMBus (level 3)

  • Immersion proof IP68/1m (no cooling fans or vent slots)

  • Charger versions with a 24VDC/3A output available

  • The charger outputs can act as power supply

100-240VAC (90-265VAC), 240W
or 11-32VDC,  max 8A.


ML334 and ML334-24: 2A per channel or 8A totally.
ML334-4A and ML334-4A-24: 4A per channel or 16A totally. Max 190W output power (all versions)


Battery types
Li-ion, Li-poly: 3.6-28.8V
NiCd, NiMH: 2.4-24V


Dimensions: 330mm x 128mm x 153mm (LxHxW)
H:128mm with 25mm battery adapter on top
Weight: 5kg (ex Adapter & power cords)
Operating Temp: -30ºC to +55ºC 
Storage Temp: -55ºC to +70ºC


DC Ouput
ML334-24 and ML334-4A-24: 24VDC/3A output


Environmental: MIL-STD-810
Safety: EN60950, EN60335-2-29
EMC: MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD 1275B, IS7637, EN61000
CE Mark

For more information about the technical specification please contact NATEK.


Ancillary parts
Battery adapter
Power cord AC
Power cord DC
Vehicle tray