Designing and building the best military chargers for over 25 years.

Our values 2018NATEK Power Systems AB is an electronic engineering company.

We develop and manufacture customer specific electronics for both the civil and military industry. We are a competence partner that with broad geographic coverage, develops and grows together with our customers, suppliers and employees.



Our competence areas are within heating, cooling, energy control engineering, rugged AC/DC, DC/DC converting technologies and battery chargers for advanced users.

ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 Certified

Natek is a proud partner in the EU Smart Housing project

in the Power Electronics for Green Energy Efficiency (Green PE) project.

New materials for advanced power electronics. Boosting efficiency in conversion, transmission and consumption of green energy.

Advanced power electronics (PE) is a key technology for developing next generation devices for efficient conversion, transmission, and consumption of energy from renewable sources. Green Power Electronics accelerates the market uptake of advanced PE for companies in the Baltic Sea Region.


Green PE

- Demonstrates and markets the technical and economic opportunities of advanced power electronics to the Baltic Sea Region research and development ecosystem.

- Supports companies in developing their individual technology roadmap to take up advanced power electronics.

- Helps BSR companies to implement advanced power electronics into their R&D strategies and investment planning.

Project Facts

Green house•17 research institutions, companies and technology transfer partners

•36 months (2016 - 2019)

•EUR 3.1 million budget, thereof EUR 2.4 million funding

•European Regional Development Fund

•Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme

•Led by University of Southern Denmark


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