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Battery tester BP100

BP100The NATEK BP 100 is developed for the Swedish Defence Forces. Battery users who have a great deal of batteries in their organisation have big difficulties in knowing what batteries is OK or not. A "normal" battery test is impossible to perform because of the time needed for making a "standard" capacity test. 
An analysing equipment normally needs five to ten hours to perform a such test. The battery is connected to BP 100 with a cable. The time for testing a single cell or a battery varies from 30 seconds up to 90 seconds. The result of the test is displayed on the front panel.

The user can determine if the cell/battery is OK or faulty. Even if one single cell in a battery pack is faulty BP 100 will detect this cell, even if the battery contains up to 30 cells in serial. One green LED indicates if the cell/battery is OK Five red LEDs indicate the kind of error in the cell/battery.

Natek BP100

  • Accelerated testing time
  • Displays the type of battery error
  • Detects one faulty single cell in a battery

230VAC (196-253VAC)
max 10A

Max 60V
Max 30A

Battery types
NiCd 1.2-31.2V 

Dimensions: 470mm x 190mm x 390mm (WxHxL),
Weight: 25kg (ex. power cords)

For more information about the technical specification please contact NATEK.

Ancillary parts
AC power cord
Battery connection cables

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