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Signal analyser SA 3090

The Signal Analyser SA 3090 is developed together with the Swedish Defence Research Institute FOA for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. The instrument detects broad-band and narrow-band transmitters within the 30-90 MHz (option for 30-1000MHz) range. Rapid detection of the complete frequency range also allows detection of transmitters with "jumping frequencies". The broad-band transmitters/jammers are also detected.


The instrument is designed for defence (military) use with a rugged and strong design. It is handheld and small enough to fit into a pocket of a uniform.

The screen of the signal analyser displays the strength of received signals and the frequency of each signal. Upon receiving/detecting strong signals the instruments amplification range is automatically adjusted.
The operator has the option to choose between momentary and top value display function.
The instrument is equipped with an 170 mm long rubber antenna. This antenna is used for detection of signals from nearby transmitters and transmitters that project a strong signal. The instrument can easily be connected to an external antenna with higher performance for detection of weak signals.
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  • Small handheld unit
  • Fast detection over a wide frequency range
  • Rough mechanical construction
  • Detects both broad-band transmitters as well as narrow-banded 
    and "jumpers"