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12-Bay sepura Li-ion charger

CL41-12CL41-12 is a 12-Bay charger for 7.2-7.4V LI-ION radio battery packs as SEPURA STP8000. The charging process is fully automatic. The charger is very easy to operate, it has no switches nor are other adjustments necessary. All connected batteries will be charged simultaneously and independently of one another. The battery adapter on top of the charger can easily be replaced, making it possible to charge other battery types.

Battery charger CL41-12

  • 12-Bay charger
  • Rugged design
  • Charges 12pcs battery packs simultaneously
  • Replaceable battery adapter; charges easily  different battery types

11 - 32 V DC, 
Max 10A, 100W


0.8A per channel


Battery types
Li-ion 7.2-7.4V Sepura STP8000
or other types depending of battery adapter used.


Dimensions: 200mm x 48mm x 380mm (WxHxL)
Weight: 1.5kg (ex. power cord)
Operating Temp: 0ºC to +40ºC 


EMC: EN61000
CE Mark


Ancillary parts
Wall mounting bracket
AC/DC converter


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