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Sequencer for use with CL271B

SE414BThe Sequence unit SE 414B is made for direct connection, both mechanically and electrically, to the battery charger CL 271B. All connections are located on the back of the SE 414. When the unit is connected to the CL 271 battery charger it will be possible to charge up to four batteries in sequence. The batteries connected to the unit can be LI-ION, NICD or NIMH or a mix with different chemistries, voltages and capacities. The SE 414 is powered from the CL 271 battery charger.

Sequence unit SE414B

  • Makes a four channel charger out of a CL 271B.
  • Suitable for vehicle use.
  • Rugged mechanical construction

Powered by CL271B


Refer to CL271B


Battery types
Refer to CL271B


Dimensions: 30mm x 80mm x 122mm (WxHxL)
Weight: 230g (ex. power cord)
Operating Temp: -40ºC to +40ºC


EMC: EN50081, 50082
CE Mark



Ancillary parts
Battery adapters
Wall mounting bracket


Swedish Distributor
Swedish Radio Supply AB - www.srsab.se

Celab Communications AB - www.celab.se


Download Product Information SE414B PDF