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Multi chemistry charger

CL271BThe mechanical construction is solid and the charger will withstand tough handling, especially due to the anodised aluminium cover. The charger is suitable to charge radio transmitting battery packs. Independently of whether the battery is warm, cold, fully charged, half charged or totally discharged, the charging will take place without any prior discharge, on the terms of the battery.

Battery charger CL271B

  • Multi battery chemistry Li-ion, Li-poly, NiCd, NiMH
  • Suitable for vehicle use.
  • Rugged mechanical construction
  • Charges batteries with different nominal voltage and nominal capacity
  • Wide range of battery adapters available for different radios.

10-30VDC, 25W


Max 16.8V


Battery types
Li-ion, Li-poly: 3.6-14.4V
NiCd, NiMH: 1.2-14.4V


Dimensions: 30mm x 80mm x 122mm (WxHxL)
Weight: 200g (ex. power cord)
Operating Temp: -40ºC to +40ºC


EMC: EN50081, 50082, ISO7637
CE Mark


Ancillary parts
DC power cord
Battery adapters
Wall mounting bracket


Swedish Distributor
Swedish Radio Supply AB - www.srsab.se

CELAB Communications AB - www.celab.se